YURI DAVTYAN - Conductor, prof. of Yerevan State Conservatory  

Mr. Yuri Davtyan was born at 1929 in Armenia. In 1938 he has entered in music school after P. Chaikovsky (violin class).
From 1947 till 1952 Mr. Davtyan studied on Orchestral Conducting Department and Department of theory in Yerevan State Conservatory (prof. Sarajev and Tigranov). After finishing Mr. Davtyan worked in State Orchestra of Soviet Union as a stagier.
Since 1953 - conductor in National Armenian Opera Theatre.
1962-1963 Mr. Davtyan took high master classes with prof. Markevich.

1964-1966 - principal conductor in Saratov''s Opera Theatre.

1966 -1970 - principal conductor of Armenian Radio Orchestra, and orchestra in Opera Theatre.

From 1979 - Mr. Davtyan is working as a Head of Orchestral Conducting Department in Yerevan State Conservatory.

From 1980-2000 - Principal Conductor of Opera Theatre staff.
During his life Mr. Davtyan has conduct with such orchestras as a State Orchestra of Soviet Union, Orchestra of "Bolshoy theatre" (Moscow), Orchestra of Marinsky theatre, etc, etc...

Mr. Davtyan had concerts in Romania, Hungary, France, USA, Spain etc...
Recorded many CD, video and audio tapes.

Yuri Davtyan,
Tigran Mets 61/11,
Yerevan, Armenia

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