KAREN SARGSYAN - Conductor, Chief Chormaster of Armenian National Opera Theatre  

Mr. Karen Sargsyan was born in Armenia in 1952. First steps as a musician hi did in music school in class of cello. Then, Mr. Sargsyan was entered in Music College of Kapan (Republic of Armenia) as a cellist.

In 1971 the young musician has moved to Yerevan, capital of Armenia and has entered in "Pedagogical institute after K. Abovyan" on Choral Conducting Department little later in Orchestral Conducting Department of Yerevan State Conservatory(prof. Yuri Davtyan). During his study in Yerevan, Mr Sargsyan has directed the choir of State University of Armenia and performed many concerts around Soviet Union States with them. (including Baltic States, Moscow, St. Peterburg), and also at the same time he directed choir of church in Holly Etchmiatsin.

From 1989 Mr. Sargsyan has created the Male Choir and performed the concerts in West Germany (1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993).
At 1993 he was invited by Armenian Diaspora of Sydney (Australia) and has went there to work with "Komitas" Choir and "Sydney Symphonic Orchestra"

After coming from Australia Mr. Sargsyan was invited to work as a principal choirmaster of "National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet" of Armenia. He is working there by now days and has performed the concerts in Moscow (1995), USA(1999), Spain (1999,2000), Lebanon (2001) and more. During his work at the Theatre Mr. Sargsyan has performed such operas as a "Otello", "La Trovatore" "La Traviatta" by G. Verdi, "Polievkt" by G. Donizetti, "Paliaggi" by Leonkavallo, and more...

At 1995 Mr. Sargsyan was invited to Syria to work with "Zvartnots" choir. He works there at 1995, 2000, 2002. Also, at the same time, Mr. Sargsyan was recorded a CD of "Holly Patarak" connected with Archbishop Souren Gataroyan who is the leader of Armenian Diaspora in Aleppo (Syria)

From 1999 by now days Mr. Sargsyan is teaching in Yerevan State Conservatory in Orchestral Conducting Department and preparing young musicians in their profession.
During his own professional way Mr. Karen Sargsyan has recorded many tapes and CD-s with different chorus and orchestras around the world.

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