Artistic Director, Conductor - Grigor Voskanyan  

Mr. Grigor Voskanyan was born in 1975 in Dilijan, Armenia in the family of Composer, singer Arzas Voskanyan and piano teacher Qnarik Ter-Simonyan.


1982 1992 Grigor has studied in N. Aghbalyan School.
1982 1990 Sayat Nova Music Schoolclass of Piano and trumpet.
1992 1997 Studied in Yerevan State Conservatory in class of drums, little later 1998 2002 class of Orchestral Conducting Department
(1997-1998 Was in Armenian Army, necessary)
2002 by now days Mr. Voskanyan is a student of Postgraduate Diploma of Orchestral Conducting Department in Yerevan Conservatory.

Working Activities

1995 1997 Assistant President of Ararat Association LTD
From 1998 Teacher of Yerevan State Conservatory, class of instrumentation, folk drums and conducting)
1998 2000 Vice Director of Hravard LTD.
2000 2001 Specialist of art Department in Ministry of Culture of Republic of Armenia.

Musical Activity.

1978 Recordings in Radio, participation in music part of cinema.
1981 Participation in International Music Festival Lithia
1991 - Participation in International Music Festival, France, Spain
1993 - Participation in International Music Festival, France
1994 - Participation in International Music Festival, Spain.
1994 Concerts in Netherlands
2002 As an Artistic Director of Duduk Folk Ensemble has won a special prize in Vienna, Austria.
2002 - Has create and formed Yerevan Youth Chamber Orchestra (YYCO)
2004 - Has recorded a CD with YYCO
2004 - As an Artistic Director/conductor of Yerevan Youth Chamber orchestra has participate on Aberdeen International Music festival, UK.

Teaching Activity:

From 1994 Searching and reproducing old Armenian folk songs.
Author of book Problems of grouping Armenian rhythms (for theoretical teaching)
Schoolbook of Instrumentation for students in Armenian Folk Music Department in Yerevan State Conservatory.

Married, has a child.

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